Mihret Medical Supply Group’s mission is to promote and facilitate the collection and merciful delivery of quality Medical, Veterinary, and Dental equipment and medicines worldwide to qualified humanitarian entities.

US Hospital System discards over 750 Billion dollars worth of medical waste annually – a large portion of which is usable equipment and medicine. We wish to create a win-win system by collection and utilization of a small portion of this waste.

We also understand that much of the equipment readily available through our US hospital contacts will require new expertise in Africa to operate and maintain. Our experience is that well over 70% of incoming new technologies donated to hospitals lay unused and in disrepair after only one year. So the Corporation will also strengthen technical, medical, and agricultural training, as well as Health Care Facilities, Family Farms, Micro Enterprise, and Education projects in low-resource countries through direct aid and Scholarships. Our goal is to improve the knowledge base of these enterprises to better utilize the equipment we will be shipping over time.